Former Vice President and Prime Minister of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa, along with his minister's rallies have been accused of the murder of his predecessor Dr Lanka's former Prime Minister Ranil Wickrematunge. This has been followed by his government's arrest of his political opponents. He has also dismissed all judicial proceedings and charges against him.

The case was originally filed against him by the former president's widow V.L. Kumaraswara Rao and the Sri Lankan High Court, which ordered the arrest of the former vice president for his alleged involvement in the murder. The charge of murder involves an act that the deceased suffered during travelling a convoy of Sri Lankan President's convoys while travelling back to his office from attending an international conference.

There has been a lo of allegations levied against the then Sri Lankan president since he assumed the position of a president. He was accused of using his position to interfere in the dom, as well as journalists and members of the public,t ical rivals, as well as journalists and members of the public, are alleged to have been killed by him. The recent allegations brought against him include:


* Former president Mahinda Rajapaksa is accused of having attempted to obstruct justice in the prosecution of former PreDrent Ranil Wickrematunge in the killing of his predecessor Dr Lanka's former prime minister Ranil Wickrematunge. His alleged interference with the ongoing investigations and charges against him and his government has led to the decision to charge him. It is said that he had threatened the Sri Lankan President with a suspension in the execution of the law if the former President continued with the investigation.

* He is accused of having encouraged the use of a private fito headed as the leader of his party in the country to launch attacks on the Prime Minister's health care policies. He is also accused of trying to manipulate the government by manipulating the Sri Lankan cabinet to pass a new health care reform plan. According to his critics, he was also responsible for creating a political crisis during his time in office.

* Former prime minister and president of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa is alleged to have encouraged the Sri Lankan army into an attack on the presidential office. The alleged attack on the president's office in November 2020 reportedly killed several people. A large number of people died and thousands were displaced.

* He is also accused of using his postoterfere with government's economy and finance to benefit his party. According to his critics, he was responsible for pushing through a plan for Sri Lanka to get loans from foreign banks and investors, which would have benefited his own business.

* His role in the country's economy is also being investigated over alleged fraud. His cabinet, in particular, was charged with awarding contracts which could benefit himself.

* Former prdefenceister Rajapaksa is accused of directing the country's defence force to attack political opponents. The government says that these attacks were meant to deter any attempts by the opposition party to gain power.

* A group of Sri Lankans is also accused of trying to obstruct the implementation of toys health care reforms and other important reforms to increase profit for themselves. These reforms include the opening up of the medical industry, removing bureaucratic hurdles in acquiring loans and creating a conducive environment for small businetoctivists are also accused of intimidating doctors to prevent doctors from providing services for their patients.

* Former president's government of Sri Lanka has also been accused of allowing corrupt officials to receive high-paying posts, in particular in the civil service and armed forces. Many alleged beneficiaries of such officials are the perpetrators of abuses during the country's civil war.

President's death has led to an enormous controversy over his administration, but also because he has been accused of being a culprit of the country's political crisis. Many of his critics have accused him of obstructing justice and using his position to enrich himself, abusing his power and undermining the democratic process.