Japanese have always been known for their ability to create a good looking product, however, how in the world did they beat Coronavirus without mass testing? Japan has always been known for its innovation and they are not afraid to use technology and use new methods to keep themselves in the game. This is why it seems so strange that they are so close to beating the Coronavirus when they have such a large number of people protect with it.


Japan has been taking a more holistic approach to protecting against diseases and viruses, with many of the doctors that work with them going back to traditional Chinese medicine to strengthen the immune system. They have also adopted a diet that is high in vegetables and fresh fruits as well as fish and have done everything they can to help their immune system function properly.

Japan has also implemented a new form of prevention into their health practices that they have found to be very effective in the prevention of disease. They have implemented from a vaccination program called PRISMA, which stands for Public Health in a StratItctive.

Japan is not the only country to adopt this vaccine. In fact, it is one of the most successful. Because of its effectiveness, it is recommended for use by public health workers around the world and even the United States Military.

What makes this program so effective is that it targets the most common types of diseases and the best way to protect the public is on rough vaccinations. Japanese use a vaccine called TIV that is based off the design of the measles vaccine.

This vaccine works by strengthening your immune system and by building up your white blood cells so they can combat infections. Once these two things are in place, it is a simple matter to prevent disease and infection from getting out of hand.

The other thing that the Japanese have done is implemented a water filtration method into their city, Tokyo. It was created to get rid of impurities that had accumulated in the city water suppress methods are designed to be easily implemented in any home in the Japanese society so everyone can get all the medical attention that they need, no matter what their location in the world. It is not uncommon to find a hospital, as well as everyone, emergency medical generators at all hours of the day as well as everyone, tries to take care of each other's needs.