Iranian's Show of Force - LAUNCHES FIRST MAJORLY USED MAJORITY IRANIAN FORCES RADIO MESSAGE. First Iran Air Force F-14s, F-5E Strike Fighters and several other stealth aircraft were launched by Iran's Air Force. The new fleet of stealthy aircraft, each designed and developed by Iranian Aerospace Industries, have an advanced radar and highly sophisticated electronic warfare systems and capabilities. Many believe this fleet to be a response to United States Defense Secretary Robert Gates who had warned that Iran was on the cusp of acquiring nuclear weapons.


The first deployment of new Iranian military aircraft is seen as a response to United States Air Force F-22s, which is being deployed to the Persian Gulf region and to NATO's Air Policing mission over the Baltic region. As a consequence of the deployment of the stealth F-14s it has been reported that the United States Navy will be conducting routine exercises in the Arabian Gulf. As a result of this and the upcoming deployment of F-5s, a United States Air Force F-15C aircraft is scheduled to conduct an exercise in the Persian Gulf within the next few days. The United States Navy has warned that if Iran does not stop its nuclear weapons program then they will do everything in their power to prevent the deployment of the stealth F-5E fighter from the Persian Gulf region.

Iran's first major military exercise with the US Air Force and the United States Navy will be taking place in the Persian Gulf. According to reports there will be two types of exercises which will be taking place. One type of exercise, which will involve the United States Air Force F-14 aircraft and the second type of exercise which will be taking place by Iran is known as the Bandar Desert Exercise. Iran's first and second deployment of the F-5E stealth fighter is an important message to the United States, as it is believed that they intend to conduct a large scale nuclear test in the near future. This could potentially result in an international incident that would result in a large scale war between Iran and the United States

Recently Iran has launched their first military satellite - the IRNIS satellite. This is a very important event in the history of Iran's future.

First, it is important to understand the history of Iran. Iran was a relatively small country in the beginning of the 20th century.

For many years Iran's economy was very poor, but they were not isolated by neighboring countries. Iran's neighbors knew that Iran was at risk from the British and the French, so they offered their support for Iran. In return, Iran provided them with grain, and oil, and money, and trade, and friendship, and the world did not know Iran had anything much to do with the affairs of the Middle East, but they thought the same about France, so they supported them, and allowed them to be their allies.

Iran used to have an embassy in London, and they even had a representative in Washington when the US was not allied with England. The British realized that Iran was a problem, and they cut off their ties with Iran, so they became enemies of the United States.

Now that we know the history of Iran, it is easy to see where they are coming from with this new show of force. One of the reasons they have been trying to develop a satellite is because they are afraid of being attacked by the United States. They are also trying to build a satellite that can help them spy on the US, and even better; they want to develop a satellite that can send signals back and forth from space, which they believe is an indication of war.

Iran has been trying to build a satellite ever since the 1970s. They are so desperate to develop one that they sent a letter to the United States asking for the assistance, they believe that they are being invaded, and they would need help if they were attacked by a neighbor. Iran's leadership told President Bush that if they received a US satellite, they would turn it against the United States.

The US administration has yet to reply, but some believe it is time that the US responded. as they need a satellite and they also need to monitor the Iranian government if they are involved in spying.

In conclusion, the United States needs to stop Iran before they take their satellite and send it to Israel and put it on top of Mt. Horvat, or maybe even on top of Mount Doom, which is just up the street from Tel Aviv, so that the people of Israel can see it, and then they can use it to get revenge.

The Russians will be there, of course, and they will be trying to figure out how to reverse engineer the satellite so they can fire it back at the United States. I bet they can't.

Why are we letting this happen to us? And what are we going to do about it? Is this all part of the plan that President Bush gave to the Russian president, but I think the Russian president is not interested in taking this kind of action and may want to work with us to get control of the situation, instead?

In other words, Iran wants to send a rocket into space, and shoot the satellite. It is amazing that we are not able to counter this. by using our space launch vehicles that are already in place. In other words, why are we not developing a satellite that can send data back to the earth?

It makes sense that we would, right? Indeed, and I hope you will please consider all this in 2020.